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The Crime Syndicate of Amerika
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The Crime Syndicate of Amerika is a team of super-powered being from the Antimatter Universe version of Earth. 1. They are essentially evil analogs to the Justice League, and have repeatedly attacked the Earth and its inhabitants on several occasions.
The Crime Syndicate’s motto is “Cui Bono?” (“Who profits?”). The only universally respected principle on their world that is obeyed by the general populace is that of the “favor bank”—-if someone does you a favor, you owe them a favor in return that must be repaid whenever the favor is called in.

Also in line with the reverse attitude of basically “evil” being the norm, the Crime Syndicate is opposed by the heroic Alexander Luthor and the heroic H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy for International Virtuous Empowerment), the Metal Marauders, and the Justice Underground which Luthor is currently leader of, a reversed analog of the Legion of Doom and Secret Society of Super-Villains consisting of Sir Solomon Grundy, General Grodd, Q-Ranger (Earth-1’s version of Major Force), Lady Sonar, Star Sapphire, and the Quizmaster (Earth-Two’s version of the Riddler, who is regarded as the smartest man in the world) over Owlman.

Ultraman and Superwoman are shown to have an unnamed child together

Other criminal organizations on the Crime Syndicate’s Earth include the Crime Lodge which is a reverse version of the older (Justice Society) and Young Offenders (Teen Titans). These other teams are mentioned at the end of the Busiek story as prepared to take advantage of the Syndicate’s weakness, but were not seen. Inter-Gang

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