DC villains campaign

God and Monsters
Shock and Awe part 2


Weeks after the first heist, the Circle calls upon your talents again to steal another Item that will aide them in their never-ending quest to rule the universe. You go to Midway City home of the Doom Patrol and the avian avenger known as Hawkman . At a Run-down textile plant you meet the Mad scientist T.O. Morrow and the Time Lord known as Per-Degaton . They are creating an inter-dimensional transporter for you to travel to Earth-2 Home of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika an evil version of our worlds Justice League of America.

Once there you run into Blood Eagle Earth 2’s version of Hawkman and as you talked him out of attacking your group you meet your handler for the heist the Don of the Crime Syndicate Ultraman the Superman of Earth 2. Ultraman sends you to Amazon Island birthplace of the Crime Syndicate lord Superwoman to retrieve the fable Pandora’s Box form Olympus pit Earth-2’s version of Mt. Olympus.

Once there you encounter one of Earth-2’s versions of Mr. Candy and his Butler sent by Alexander Luthor to stop or to kill any one going to Mt. Olympus after dispatching them the group enters the portal then engaged the Harpes that are guarding the Olympus.

To be continued

Shock and Awe
It's good to be bad!!


An secret organization known only as the Circle is looking for individuals to help obtain their goals to total cosmic domination. After the fall of Darkside, there has been a power vacuum of those who think the link to conquering the universe is rid the earth’s heroes or to control them. To obtain their purpose to do this task they need four items “The Crime Bible”, “The Spear of Destiny”, “The Philosopher Stone”, and “Pandora’s Box”. All-powerful items by themselves but, together they can unravel the universe and re-shape it!

They collected a mischievous, murderous Pixie from the mystical realm Skarkaris, an renegade robot, a seductive Atlantean siren, and a serial killer who use candy theme weaponry to commit daring heist to acquire those Items.

They started in Metropolis as the known Meta-criminal known as Blockbuster a.k.a. Desmond Raymond set you with the powerful Android “Amazo”. As they took Professor Ivo’s Android to highly public area drawing out the “Man of steel” You head for Galaxy communications system which is a front of the criminal organization Inter-Gang!!

As the Atlantean used her assets to gain access to the Building, the rest followed till they found a secret floor where they met resistance from Inter-Gang. they killed the guards there and continued deeper into fortress via Boom tube after leaving from the tube They engaged Inter-Gang’s shock troops defeating them easy then taking on the elite “Heavy Metal troops” then finally reaching the altar and Taking on the Leader of Inter-Gang Boss Bruno “ugly” Manheim after humiliating him they ultimately securing the first Item “The Crime Bible”!!


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